Welcome to the Home of All Things Sexy

Welcome! This blog is my getaway, where I post about romantic things that I fancy. As an opening I’d like to discuss a film by the same name, which served as an inspiration for this site.

The movie is aptly named, “For Lovers Only”.

This movie is not a commercial type of film. It is a story about two lovers who meet in Paris and go on a road trip. It doesn’t represent an affair, more like a sexual escapade which has an open-ended ending that is left to interpretation.

It is a true indie film that captures some amazing photography. The visuals of this movie are quite stunning. If you’ve ever wanted to see Paris and beyond in glorious photography, this is your chance. It seems like every scene is designed with dramatic backdrops or arrangements.

It is easy to get caught up in the romance of this film and revive old memories. It will kick-start your thirst for romance once again. Sit back, enjoy this beautiful film and remember the best romance moments of your life.

What Can You Expect To Find Here?

I have lots of things to blog about. Please check the right hand column, you well see all of my current articles there. Mostly they will be about sexy things, such as sexy photos or romantic ideas. Occasionally, I’ll write about sexy adult toys, lingerie and everything in-between, if you know what I mean :) I am the writer at Vibrator Gifts. If you happen to be in need of adult toys, please consider my store!

However, for the most part you can expect this blog to be about romance. The remainder of this page is dedicated to the movie of the same name as my blog.

stana katic audrey hepburn

Here you can see the main actress, Stana Katic, channeling Audrey Hepburn.

sexy sitting on motorcycle

This photography is amazing, I can’t imagine a more erotic and romantic method for two lovers to sit on a motorcycle! The whole movie is like this.