3 Tips To Help You Rekindle Your Relationship

Have you ever felt that you relationship is not as magical and romantic as it used to be? Do you sometimes think that everything becomes a routine since you started living together?

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Common Dilemma

This is actually one of the most common dilemmas that couples experience. By the time that you have started counting years dating each other, both of you becomes very comfortable. As a result, all of the things and the other exciting activities you usually do start to fade and becomes a routine. Eventually, that magical moment that you first felt during the first few months of dating disappears.

But this does not mean that it is already too late. You can still find ways on how to ignite the fire that you once had and bring back the romance in your relationship.

Give your partner a unique kind of gift

If she is already used to flowers and chocolates or he is already tired of reading mushy lines from pocketbooks, then why not try giving your partner something unique? You may now actually name one of the stars after them. There are already numerous agencies online and offline that would formally do this. As a proof, a certificate or documentation will be given to you along with the star that bears the name of your loved one.

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Another idea is to give your partner an empty box. But you would call it as a magical box instead. Every month or each and every time there is a special occasion, you will put something extraordinary that they would see as soon as they open this box.

Say the magic words more often and do it in a different way

Telling your partner the words “I love you” can be very sweet. Unfortunately, if you do it often in the same manner, these words sometimes lose its essence. However, doing it in a more creative way can make it even more special. How about getting the book that your sweetheart is currently into and encircle some of the words or letters in various pages with pencil until you complete the “I love you” message? You can also buy from plant sellers a seed that would grow after a couple of days. Afterwards, it would display the message that you want to convey to your partner.

Take time to go out and have a date

You might wonder why some couples still have that flame burning in their relationship. One of the main reasons is that they are still doing things that are fun and creative even though they are dating or living together for several years already. Despite the hectic schedule, work routines, and busy lifestyle, it is very important that you take time bonding with each other outside the home. Go on dates just like before.

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Make sure that you have a fun time even if it is only once a week. You do not have to splurge on dates. Simple places like the carnival, the park, or even the beach would do. You can also enjoy doing childish activities such as water fight, paint ball fight, cloud staring or a picnic.

You may also mimic the romantic dates you see on chick flicks. If you are the one planning the date, you can blindfold your partner until you reach the spot where you will have the date. But see to it that you would take him or her to an unexpected place or have an ambiance that they never thought possible. As soon as they remove the blindfold, they should see something that would have a lasting impression.

A more intimate relationship and passionate sex can all start by rekindle the romance in your life as a couple. Do not forget to be creative and have fun together even if you are already dating for quite some time now.

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