A Guide to G Spot Orgasms

According to Freudian theory, a female orgasm at a young age is achieved through clitoral stimulation. As women age, that stimulation becomes ineffective and is replaced by a preference for vaginal stimulation, namely through the g spot. According to feminist theory, which is still widely used as politically correct educational material today, the only way that a female can achieve orgasm is through clitoral stimulation and there is no other center of sexual gratification within a woman’s body. The debate has been ongoing for many years, and has yet to reach a consensus. However, the fact of the matter is that women can achieve orgasm through g spot stimulation.

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G Spot vs Clitoris Orgasms

Female orgasm occurs at the height of sexual stimulation, after massaging the g spot or clitoris to a point where orgasm can be reached. With g spot orgasms, the stimulation is often more intense and causes a much more intense reaction. When female orgasm occurs, it can involve female ejaculation, which occurs as a result of fluid being released by the paraurethral glands within the body. Typically, many women do not allow this type of orgasm to flow naturally because of the intense feeling of urination that creates a fear that they are going to urinate, rather than ejaculate.

Female vs Male Orgasm

The female orgasm occurs for the same reasons that the male orgasm occurs. The blood vessels are engorged and swollen, nerves are stimulated excessively, and those feelings increase in intensity until they reach the point of orgasm, where they plateau before sending waves of pleasure crashing through the body. Successfully achieving a g spot orgasm, for women, involves finding the g spot and stimulating it properly.

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Location of G Spot

The g spot is located about three inches inside the vaginal opening, and when stimulated can create orgasms that are more powerful and longer lasting than any other orgasm a woman has had.

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Female orgasm and female ejaculation are easy for some women and more difficult for others. The conversation is ongoing, and information is readily available from many different sources about how to achieve this type of orgasm. The first step is to achieve a fair amount of stimulation through foreplay to make the g spot easy to find. Once the area is found, it will need to be massaged in a way that is pleasurable to the women until orgasm is reached. This takes some practice and involves communication between partners, but can be achieved by anyone with the willingness to learn.

Multiple Orgasms

Getting a female to orgasm once is hard for a lot of men, and learning how to make a female orgasm multiple times during sexual intercourse is a heap harder. It isn’t impossible but it should take a lot of work, especially for those who find it hard to accept that their partner would never fake an orgasm because they believe that they are so good in bed. But if you know, without a doubt, that your partner enjoys having sex with you and that she could reach orgasm during that time, it should be easier to make her reach her peak repeatedly.

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The magic lies, not on the act itself, but on all the other things that you do outside the sex. If you’re thinking of foreplay, you’re still a bit too far. Before you get on the bed, it is important that your woman already feels that you want her more than anything. Before you even see each other, get her sexually aroused by sexy messages. This would get her excited and she will get home to you as soon as possible. And because you have successfully set the mood, you have also successfully made her aroused even before she enters the room.

Fake Orgasms

Learning how to make a female orgasm multiple times could be hard if you can’t accept that your partner might have faked an orgasm just to please you. Millions of women fake their orgasms, and there is a very little percentage of women all over the world who could achieve orgasm through vaginal sex alone. More than ¾ of women could not reach orgasm, though most of these women could do so when vaginal sex is paired with sex toys and hand or tongue stimulation. If your partner enjoys having sex but cannot reach her orgasm, sex would be boring and pointless. When a woman fakes her orgasm, she does it not for herself. She fakes her orgasm just to please you.

15 Minutes to Warm Up

If you want to know how to make a female orgasm multiple times, you have to know how to make the best out of your time. A woman needs at least 15 minutes to get to the peak of her arousal, and most of the times men give those 15 minutes to do everything: get undressed, have foreplay, have sex and get dressed again. This just wouldn’t do for a lot of women.

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Bedroom Etiquette

If your woman is one of those lucky ones who could achieve orgasm quickly, then the pressure is lighter. But if your woman is one of the 75% of all the women who cannot get into orgasm as quickly, you would need to do some serious work. Take the time to undress your girl, get her into the most unforgettable foreplay and have a relaxed and good-paced sex. Do you know what makes a woman come back for more? It is the simple act of cuddling with her after you’re done having sex, and making her feel that she is not a toy. Don’t ever sleep on a woman right after you’d have sex.

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