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The man’s erection is often thought to be a simple process but is actually a rather complex combinations of reactions in the body. It usually happens due to sexual arousal but occasionally can happen without, perhaps when the bladder is full, during sleep or sometimes spontaneously at any time of the day.

The erection happens when two tubes in the penis become full of blood which causing it to point upwards, downwards or horizontally outwards. This reaction enables sexual intercourse to happen and once the male has ejaculated the effect tends to wear off. The tubes fill with blood when acetylcholine is released into the arteries which feed the erectile tissue. These react by producing nitric oxide which causes the arteries to dilate and the tubes then fill with blood. When the source of the arousal stops or the man ejaculates, the arteries are constricted which forces the blood to leave and therefore the erection to end. An erection can be caused by physical stimulation but also from stimulation from the other senses such as sight, smell, touch and even the imagination. Some things will prevent erection such as stress and other emotional and environmental factors.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

From Mayo Clinic we learn:

Sometimes a combination of physical and psychological issues causes erectile dysfunction. For instance, a minor physical condition that slows your sexual response might cause anxiety about maintaining an erection. The resulting anxiety can lead to or worsen erectile dysfunction.

Some men do have trouble getting an erection and others find that they have one more often than they would wish for. Both of these conditions can normally be treated and it is a good idea to seek medical advice if you have concerns about either of these. There are cures for less severe conditions and even ones that may seem extremely bad may be able to be fixed.

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Some men get concerned about the shape and size of their penis when erect. However, there are many different shapes and sizes and they can point up, down or even horizontally. Some are straight but others have a slight curve. Sometimes the curve can be severe and may be painful or cause erectile dysfunction. The size of an erect penis tends to not change once the man has passed through puberty. Some men choose to have penis enlargement surgery but it tends not to have satisfactory results for some men and so should be well researched and thought about before it is done.

Morning Wood

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Most men have good control of their erections. They may wake with an erection because they need the loo and then normal just become erect when they are sexually aroused. As men get older or if they have had certain diseases or are on particular medication they may find that they have trouble getting erect or maintaining an erection. This can lead to the man having lowered self esteem as it is often thought that being able to maintain an erection is a sign of masculinity and an inability to do so may make the man feel inadequate. Many men feel unable to talk about this issue and considering that 10% of men suffer from it at some stage, then it is something which should be talked about more and the attitude towards it changed.

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5 Tips for Better Erections

Natural male enhancement has successfully come out of the closet, but us yet to shrug off the taboo attached with it – especially when the men concerned do not wish to be advertising the fact that they have opted for natural penis enlargement pills or other similar natural male enhancers. This is exactly why it is so difficult to find neutral, objective and precise information on the efficiency and results of natural male enhancement supplements.

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While you would like to contradict the above statement and say that a lot of information is available on the web – the answer is yes indeed! However, most of these articles are either biased towards the product they are being written for, or provide information based on hearsay and rumors. Let’s dispel all of that and offer you 5 tips for perfect natural male enhancement!

  1. Exercise

    – now believe it or not, that bulging waistline of yours not only makes you look ugly, but also reduces your majestic size! This is not only because layers of fat may actually render your member looking short and stocky, but also the fat-laden waistline may make you smaller than you really are!

  1. Vitamins and Minerals

    – If you’re not taking a multi-vitamin, you may find your body is lacking all the ingredients needed to produce volumes of high quality sperm, your blood flow may not be optimal, or other factors which could prevent your ability to maintain a proper erection.

  1. Diet

    – Eat fruits, berries, vegetables and fish like tuna, salmon and mackerel to help load on some power while in bed. Remember, the more vitamins and potassium and other essential minerals your diet has, the better and harder shall you perform in bed – which automatically sends in positive vibes on the issue of your penis size.

  1. Yoga

    – Yoga or Tai-Chi, both of which can be extremely relaxing on your mental and physical state, also play a substantial role in egging on natural male enhancement. For if you are using natural penis enlargement pills, such exercise may help usher in the results faster than you would have expected – because your healthy body would help initiate it!

  1. Sexual positions

    – If you thought that your penile size or girth was not adequate enough, you better see an expert than leave it to your own judgment. However, in order to satiate your partner better, as well as to help feel an increase in the penile size (though not in actuality), you can use the “woman on top” or “pillow beneath” positions. This will help in deeper penetration, and will also help improve the sexual pleasure that you both derive from the sessions!

However, these 5 natural male enhancement tips will not help in permanent enlargement of your penile size. You need to be under a strict dosage of natural penis enlargement pills as well as other natural male enhancers if you need inches added to your length and girth.

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