Boosting Testosterone Naturally

Within males testosterone is a very important and necessary presence. It is important to a man’s strength sexually as well as their daily body functions. When testosterone is lacked within the body it can lead to the development of diseases or to the development of sexually related disabilities. When sexually abilities are lost males will usually rely on natural testosterone boosters. They are in herbal form and can be taken as a pill or other supplement. Natural testosterone boosters will increase a male’s sex drive, enable them to perform sexually for longer periods of time, and increase the functions of their muscles.

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Natural Testosterone Boosters

  • Exercise and Lift Weights
  • Eat Protein, Fats and Carbs
  • Minimize Stress and Cortisol Levels
  • Get some Sun or take Vitamin D Supplement
  • Take Vitamin and Mineral Supplements
  • Get Plenty of High Quality Restful Sleep
  • Avoid Estrogen-like Compounds

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Natural testosterone boosters are normally found in two different types. The first type will provide stimulation to the organs of males in order to get them to create more of the hormone.

Decreasing Estrogen

The other type of booster will cause the levels of estrogen found within the body to decrease. When the levels of estrogen present in the body decline the levels of testosterone in the body will begin to work in full force. Natural testosterone boosters may still cause men to develop side-effects that are seen when steroids are taken. Men’s muscular systems and their performances will increase, but they may also be subject to developing certain side-effects. This is why it is important that men research the boosters and how they might affect them before taking them. The rest of this article will talk about the more commonly utilized natural testosterone boosters that a majority of the population chooses.

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First on the list is Ginseng. The herb contains a large amount of nitric oxide, which is good for increasing the circulation of blood to the penis; it increases the formation of sperm, and will intensify the content of semen. Ginseng is also useful for reducing feelings of depression, stress, or anxiety. Men with diseases that are associated with their libido use treatments that involve the herb Ginseng.

Horny Goat Weed

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Next is horny goat weed. Abilities that have been linked to this weed are the promotion of producing more hormones within men. A man’s level of nitric acid present within their body will become higher which results in an erection that lasts longer and their male organ blood vessels dilating. Horny goat weed has also been credited for providing treatment to medical problems that arise as a result of a decrease in sexual abilities or other similar dysfunctions.

Some men may decide to receive consultation from a sexologist before using any of these natural boosters. The boosters have been known to change an individual’s regular hormone functions; this is why it may be smart to submit to certain tests first. These boosters should be approached in a smart and safe manner.


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There are also some types of foods that are considered to be natural boosters of testosterone. One such food is oysters. They are full of zinc which helps to develop more muscle and muscle will boost the levels of testosterone present in the body. Eggs can also be found on the list. The main part of the egg that is beneficial to increasing the levels of testosterone is the yolks. Cholesterol produces testosterone and the yolks of eggs are great sources of cholesterol. Other testosterone boosting foods include chicken, broccoli, and garlic.

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Testosterone Decreases with Age

As men get older, their testosterone levels naturally begin to decline. Usually by the time you reach 30, your testosterone levels will decrease by an average of 1% per year. Some of the most common signs of decreasing testosterone are:

  • an increase in percentage of body fat
  • lack of energy
  • finding it more difficult to focus on daily tasks
  • depression
  • irregular or altered sleep patterns
  • decreased muscle mass
  • and loss of bone density among many others.

Hormone Therapy Medication

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A decrease in testosterone production is a natural part of life and wether you are looking to get back to the normal levels you once had, or looking to increase muscle mass without the serious side effect of anabolic steroids, there is a way to naturally increase your body’s production of this all import hormone.

Optimal Testosterone Production

Natural testosterone boosters help your body place itself in the optimal state for increased testosterone production. It is very important to point out that testosterone boosters do not replace your body’s testosterone like steroids, which would shut down your natural production and lead to testicular attrophy, but increases the amount of testosterone that your body naturally produces. Thus avoiding unwanted side effects and still getting the benefits or increased testosterone levels.

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