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Don’t Be Afraid of Being Single

The majority of men think of being single as a negative thing, it’s like every man has to be in a relationship to look successful in life. I try to teach men to look at this a bit differently. These years can be some of the best of your life. I could name countless men that have done the relationship thing over and over again and are now miserable. It amuses me and somewhat saddens me to see these men now and at how miserable are.

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With that said not all relationships are doom and gloom, so I am definitely not saying you should avoid them at all cost, if you think you’ve found that special someone you should definable go after her. I’m simply just putting the point across that if you haven’t found that special someone it’s not the end of the world, you should savor these times of being single.

3 Tips

Here are 3 tips to enjoying the single life!

Tip 1. Find yourself some social hobbies.

Don’t just get a hobby that your friends like, this is for you! so you have to really enjoy what hobby you choose, it’s all about you being happy… Right? So go out and find something you love and don’t worry about what others think! It’s all about pleasing yourself and doing the things you like.

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Tip 2. Socialize

Make it a priority to get out a couple of times a week to socialize. You most certainly can’t have the time of your life alone, can you? So at the very least, schedule to socialize at least twice a week. It doesn’t have to be a large social network you have, just one that you enjoy being in.

Tip 3. Learn to Attract Women

Learn the secrets to attracting women so when it comes time to dating you actually enjoy it! There are far too many guys that look back at their dating years and all they see is their shortcomings. They look back at these years as a necessary evil in order to find their long-term partner. When you really know how to attract women, these years will not be like this for you! You will actually enjoy these years and remember them forever.

How to Last Longer in Bed as a Man

There are many guides around to help men last longer in bed, the reason for this is because nearly all men have suffered at least once from premature ejaculation. If you have been with a partner for a long time then this is a problem that can be worked out together. But when this happens with a new partner it can lead to very big embarrassment and may even end the relationship before it has even started.

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A lot of men suffer with this condition because the penis becomes over stimulated quickly and they cannot control the ejaculation process. Once this has happened once or twice a man can lose his confidence and be very self-conscious of this happening. This actually makes the problem worse and is because they feel embarrassed, becoming sexually aroused can be harder.

Get Healthy

One of the ways on how to last longer in bed for men is to increase your personal fitness. Being seriously out of shape can also cause erectile dysfunction and in turn can lead to premature ejaculation. To tackle this area it is important to stay in reasonable shape, you do not have to be a fitness freak or go down the gym every day. You can simply take long walks and moderate exercise a couple of times a week and you will notice the difference.

Practice with Masturbation

Masturbation is also an important part of learning how to last longer in the bedroom. Using specially trained techniques you can train your penis to not ejaculate so quickly. Also you can shorten the recovery times as well. This may seem an out of the ordinary idea but it actually works and is an important part of improving your sexual stamina.

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Mind Control

Mind control is also another technique of lasting longer in bed. The reason is because the mind is what first signals ejaculation, so overcoming and training your mind is a must.


An important technique that is usually overlooked by the mail is foreplay. Doing this will make a woman’s sexual arousal heightened. This means that once the high levels have increased she will also find it easier to orgasm, meaning that the man will have to do less work to make sure they are satisfied.

Using just one of these techniques will not work it is the combination of using these and many more that will enable you to learn how to last longer in bed. You will not see an overnight miracle but after practising for a few months you will soon start to notice your overall sexual stamina will increase.

I’m a sex enthusiast, published fantasy writer and the editing director of Brewin’ After Dark. I write about topics surrounding sexual health. Thanks for reading and add me on Twitter!

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