Discussing Penis Enlargement With Your Partner

Certain topics present as more difficult to discuss than others. Death, change in sexual orientation, illness and sometimes money are some of these topics. But just as difficult is the topic of penis enlargement. But it doesn’t have to be something a mate avoids altogether. With the right approach, even the most sensitive topics like this one can be discussed successfully without feelings of anger, hurt, inadequacy or shock.

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If a partner is suggesting that a mate considers getting this procedure or if a partner is suggesting to a significant other that the procedure is desired – it will be a successful conversation as long as the following elements are in place: the appropriate timing, the appropriate place and the correct approach.

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The Appropriate Timing

Choosing a time for discussing this topic with a mate is critical in terms of getting the results desired. That result: acceptance and support from a partner in his decision to get the procedure and the acceptance and support from the partner who may want the mate to consider it.

Be sure the atmosphere is relaxed and inviting. Ensure distractions and interruptions are limited. And most of all – focus on your partner’s wants and needs as you approach the topic with a focus on fulfilling a partner’s sexual desires.

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If a mate is suggesting this procedure to a partner, throughout the conversation be reassuring to the partner that sex is already fulfilling and will only get better.

If a mate who wants the procedure is initiating the conversation, reassure the partner that the desire to enlarge his penis is for the ultimate goal of satisfying the partner’s needs like never before.

The Appropriate Place

Choose a place that brings feelings of comfort, clam and closeness between the partners. Sometimes this place is alongside a serene lake, or at a cozy favorite hideaway restaurant, or it’s in the comfort of one of the mate’s homes. Whether it is the mate suggesting the procedure to the partner or the mate informing the partner he will be getting the procedure done, the place must be one that stirs feelings of comfort, calm and closeness between the partners equally.

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The Correct Approach

Carefully. This is the most critical element in beginning, carrying out and closing a discussion on penis enlargement. Approach the topic carefully. Maintain a soft voice while letting the partner know how fulfilling and exciting sex together is and always will be. Then, carefully move closer to presenting the point of the discussion through highlighting the giving of pleasure.

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The person wanting the partner to get the procedure focuses on matching the person’s outstanding abilities with size and the increase in self-confidence that will impact all areas of his life including work, social life and of course, the love and passion between the partners.

The person wanting a penis enlargement then mentions the procedure and informs the partner of the outstanding sexual experience love making will be after the procedure is completed and that you are trying to focus on improving your sex life.

The desire to please the partner sexually is the key focus throughout the conversation.


The Result

For a mate with low self-esteem, poor physical self-concept, and limited confidence in love making, penis enlargement is a definite must. Not only will the mate undergoing the enlargement grow in these areas, but the partner will be receiving increased pleasure during love making that comes with a partner’s improved attitude and increased confidence. This can also result in overcoming any sexual fears.

Both partners benefit equally. Approached carefully and discussed with love, the conversation will result in a stronger bond between the mates, leading to a better sex life and improved communication altogether. These results are well worth the time and effort put into the discussion.

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