G Spot Stimulation Techniques

Simulating the G spot is not something you should first set out to do during intercourse rather wait until you have your fingering techniques down pat and have already successfully given your partner an orgasm, then move onto trying to stimulate your partners spot during intercourse.

The reason for this is to hit the G Spot correctly it involves various positions to hit the right angles so to cut a long story short using your fingers is by far the easiest way to bring your partner to climax.

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How to Stimulate the G-Spot

There are a few things you need to do before trying to stimulating your partners G-Spot.

The first thing you need to do is get her turned on! If your partner is not turned on and you attempt to stimulate her g spot this can be quiet uncomfortable for her and can even sometimes hurt. So the very first thing you need to do guys is foreplay!! This is a must!!

If you don’t know any foreplay techniques I suggest you read through the section on this site about various methods of foreplay and start putting them into practice. Once your partner is warmed up I first recommend stimulating her clitoris and if you can give her a clitoral orgasm first then she will be properly primed for when you move to the G Spot, if you don’t know where the clitoris is located you can read my guide hear. Where is the Clitoris

Now there are lots of various ways to stimulate the Female G Spot and as all woman are different just because one technique works with one doesn’t necessarily mean it will work with another.
So once you are comfortable that you can locate the g spot through watching the G Spot Video guide above move on to the below techniques.

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Technique 1.

Have your partner lay on her back legs comfortable apart, often a pillow or rolled up towel placed under her lower back and buttocks area helps elevate her pelvic region making it easier to access and stimulate her G Spot.

Now with a lubricated hand place one or two fingers palm facing up inside her vagina, you should only have to go in to your first or second knuckle once you’ve located the area of her g spot you only want to apply a light pressure in a stroking motion. The motion you will use is a “come here” motion this motion entails your fingers being straight then bending them inwards towards your palm the same motion you would use if you where asking someone to “come here”.

At first you may not be able to feel her G spot but as you lightly stimulate this spot she will become more aroused and the g spot will swell and become more pronounced as it swells you can start to apply more pressure and bring more intensity to your stokes. Brining your partner to orgasm this way can take some time, so don’t set out at a frantic pace you will only run yourself out of gas and probably fail.

There is no set rule as to how long it will take your partner to orgasm, this deeply depend on how much time you took to warming her up in foreplay and to how aroused she already is.

Technique 2.

This technique is much the same as the first but rater then using a “come here” motion you will start with small and gentle circular motion, and as the g spot balloons out more apply more pressure and speed up your circles.

Just remember if your just starting off to give your partner a G Spot orgasm don’t get discourage if it doesn’t happen the first time, these methods take time to master and your partner will also need to adjust to these new sensations she is feeling, so it may take her time before she can fully let go and climax.

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Where is the G Spot?

Where is the G Spot located and do all women have one has been a controversy subject since the 1950?s. This magical pleasure spot found inside a woman’s vagina was first discovered by a German Doctor (Gynecologists) Ernst Gräfenberg.

g spot location

His documented writings where about an erotic pleasure zone on the front anterior wall of the vagina that swells greatly at the end of climax. These writings about the female G Spot where not brought to the public’s attention until the early 1980’s where 3 doctors John Perry, Alice Kahn Ladas and Beverly Whipple wrote a book called “The G Spot & Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality”.

This book was based on the discoveries they found while researching pelvic muscle disorders. The book soon became the subject of much criticism from various other gynecologists and scientists of the current time.

Even to date there has been lack of scientific evidence about the existence of the female G-spot, but it has still been widely accepted by the greater public and modern day sexologists. So enough of the history lesson let’s get down to business and what you came her for!

Where to Find the G Spot

As you can see in the G Spot Video below it is located approximately 1 – 3 inches inside the womans vagina, this does varies from woman to woman. The G spot can be a very sensitive area for some women and can be stimulated through the front anterior wall, it usually only covers a small area around 1 inch in diameter between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix.

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location gspot

Diagram of gspot location from Allure Medical.

There is a misconception that the Female G Spot is hard to find, but I can tell you first hand that once you do understand what you are looking for it becomes quite easy and definable a great tool to have in your love making arsenal.

The main reason I believe the G Spot can be hard to find is it does not become present until a woman is at a heightened sense of arousal; this is due to the G Spots ability to swell once a woman becomes aroused. To go into more detail the G Spot is a small swollen rough area about the size of a penny and almost has the same texture as the roof of your mouth and becomes larger during states of arousal.

It was once said the female g spot was in fact a gland the one responsible for lubricating a woman’s vagina called the Skene’s gland also known as the female prostate; this is also the gland responsible for Female Ejaculation.

This notion later became false and I believe the G Spot is really the urethral sponge, this spongy cushion of tissue is found against both the pubic bone and outer vaginal wall and surrounds the urethra. The Sponge is made up of erectile tissue and during a woman’s arousal the area becomes very swollen with blood and in turn compresses the urethra which in turn helps prevent urination from happening during sexual activity.

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