How To Give a Girl an Orgasm

Various ways and sexual techniques can be done in order to please your woman and let her have an intense orgasm. One should always keep in mind that a pleasurable lovemaking can never be complete without it. Women would always be left with naughty smirks or smiles on the faces while men on the other hand, walk away with more confidence and even arrogance at the same time. Although it may sound like a little issue for others, giving your partner a real orgasm is very crucial especially in a relationship. Simply put, it is the core of a satisfying sexual bond between you and your partner.

Give Your Girl a Real Orgasm

One can easily tell if a man reaches his orgasm. But it can be hard for some to tell if a woman is faking it or not. Unknown to many, not every woman is capable of reaching orgasm. This of course depends on the man’s actions. Women who are not having orgasm during foreplay is also likely to have lesser orgasm during the actual intercourse. They have a lot of differences compared to men when it comes to sexual maturity. They do not masturbate like men do or getting a hard on like the penis does. Aside from that, women are not also into wet dreams as well.

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Now that you know more about women and their orgasm, you should be aware by now that a guy who knows how to give her a mind-blowing sexual experience can get the girl craving for more. Since your woman can definitely give you the erection and pleasure that you want, why not give her the same feeling too?

Methods to Achieve Orgasm

Here are some of the ways on how you could give a girl an intense orgasm.

The Right Spot for Clitoral Orgasm

You should know the right spot which could trigger the orgasm in the first place. It is not just about penetrating the vagina but stimulating the clitoris first. This is a small flesh that you can immediately see in front of the woman’s vagina. In most cases and positions during the actual intercourse, the clitoris is left unnoticed and untouched. As a result, some women are just faking their orgasm in order to make the man feel that they have already reached it. If you really want to give her full sexual pleasure, then it is important that you pay attention to the clitoris. Stimulate it as much as you can. Play with it and fondle it with care. Not only that your woman can have multiple orgasms but may also trigger her to let go of her self-consciousness in bed.

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Clitoral Foreplay

It would also help if the man would play with the woman’s clitoris by the time that he created that anticipation. Foreplay is a great way to build up this excitement which can prepare the woman’s body for intercourse. Men would start to have an erection while women starts to feel lubricated, leaving a body ready for intense lovemaking.

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Take it Slowly

Men should always take things slowly if they want to fully please their partner during intercourse. If they can easily get an erection by simple acts and a little imagination, women experience otherwise. If this is what you always do when in bed, then it is likely that your girl is having a little or no orgasm at all. Sooner or later, things will become very boring for her. You will realize that she is no longer looking forward to the day that you and she will become one again.


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Some women are confident masturbating. But many are very uncomfortable with this idea. In case your woman is the latter, you can use a sex toy (like a vibrator) at her clitoris. Including such tools once in a while can actually make her feel excited and can fire up your relationship as well. But if your woman is not open to the idea, take her to a Jacuzzi or a hot tub. Believe it or not, the water stream can be a great help for her to come.

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The actual intercourse is actually just a bonus for most women although it is the primary action for men. What they prefer better is the act called cunnilingus or getting down on her. This still involves the playing and stimulating the clitoris. Because of the warmth and the texture of the tongue is the perfect instrument to tickle the sensitivity of the clitoris. While most men just lick while doing the cunnilingus, women prefer if you have varied tongue motions while doing it. Try writing the ABC’s with your tongue on her clitoris or how about making her guess what you are trying to spell? You can rest assure that your partner would want you to stay and down there and do more with your tongue.

Healthy Sex

Orgasm is not just a part of a healthy sexual relationship. Studies showed that getting an intense orgasm is actually beneficial to the whole wellness at the same time. Because you would pant for breath, it helps you to circulate more oxygen in the body, thanks to the heavy breathing. There would also be an increase in the heart rate and a great exercise for the circulatory system as well.

So make your woman experience an intense orgasm now and be her slave even just for a while. Ask her to dominate and let her tell you what to do so both of you can reach that pleasure after making love.

Hitting the G Spot

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As you can probably already guess, it all comes down to the angle you penetrate her at. As you can see in the demonstration above, you shouldn’t necessarily be trying to penetrate her as deep as possible because the G-spot is only a couple inches inside the vagina.

Focus on Her Neck

Necks are very sensitive and have many nerve endings. When stimulated, the skin around a woman’s neck will send shivers through her body. Here’s some advice from about focusing on a girl’s neck:

Our necks are highly responsive touch pads: the skin is thin there, and the blood vessels are close to the surface. So it’s not surprising that researchers have found that the neck is one of the best places to stimulate a woman using light touch (so no hickeys, please).

When Things Go Wrong

Around 10% of women never have a vaginal orgasm. Following is an interesting snippet from

Of the women surveyed, 75.5 percent agreed that some orgasms feel better than others. Yes, fellas—an orgasm is not just an orgasm—there are degrees of pleasure. And, while more than a third of the women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, the 20 percent of women who can climax without it still tend to agree that clitoral stimulation makes it better. Just under 10 percent of women don’t experience orgasm at all during vaginal intercourse.

The Orgasm is Not the End

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When you’re with a partner, sometimes the way you frame the idea of sex—with a beginning, middle, and end—directly affects how much you enjoy it. If too much hinges on the big O, it might be harder to achieve or less fulfilling once it arrives.

There are many “how to make her orgasm” guides that are linked to above, I recommend you check out each and every one of them. Through research and experimentation, you can come up with a plan to consistently give your woman orgasms.

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