Human Growth Hormone for Weight Loss

What is HGH?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has been variously referred to as the “youth hormone” or “the fountain of youth hormone”. Due to its role in the hormone system and the remarkable results it has shown, it well deserves the praises it has received. The rejuvenating effect of this hormone, particularly when taken with testosterone is very exciting.

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For weight control, growth hormone alone or particularly when taken with testosterone, is one of the world’s best-kept secrets. Growth hormone can literally give you the body you had at age 30.

So fundamental is this hormone to proper physiological function that its decline in the body correlates directly to the aging process. In recognition of this connection, scientists have designated it as a specific clinical syndrome – Growth Hormone Deficiency Syndrome. If you look in the mirror and compare your image to a picture at age 30, the difference is largely attributed to a decline in growth hormone. Replacing growth hormone can move the body to what it was at a younger age.

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Studies have shown:

  • It reverses the effects of aging.
  • Increased metabolism and ability to control weight.
  • Average gain in muscle mass of 9% and loss of 14% body fat without doing anything different.
  • Increase in lean body mass of approximately 19% in 6 months.
  • Decrease in body fat, especially abdominal fat by 24% in 6 months without dieting.
  • Increase in bone mass.
  • Reduces wrinkles and promotes younger healthier skin.
  • Increase in REM sleep.
  • Increase in organ size of approximately 10% (internal organs, including the brain, shrink with age).
  • Increase in immune response (resistance to illness).
  • Lower serum cholesterol.
  • Increase in sexual function.
  • Accelerates wound healing.
  • Reverses muscle wasting.
  • Increased sense of well-being.
  • Enhances brain function and grows neuron dendrites.
  • Reverses heart disease and increases cardiac output and exercise performance.
  • Reduces fatigue.
  • Protects the body against the ravages of stress.

Questions and Answers on Growth Hormone:

How is growth hormone delivered?

*By daily self-administered injections.

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What about HGH sprays and pills?

*HGH cannot be absorbed through any mucus membrane of the body. It must be injected. Be careful of claims of oral HGH on TV and the Internet – they are a scam.

Does growth hormone cause cancer?

*No it does not. To the extent it increases immunity it is a preventative. However, if the body has an existing cancer, growth hormone will accelerate the growth.

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Is growth hormone expensive?

*Approximately $400 to $600 per month, but well worth the expenditure for those for whom cost is not a prohibitive issue.

Who should take growth hormone?

*Everyone over age 35 who can afford it

Tips for using Growth Hormone; getting your money’s worth

  • Use it along with healthy levels of other hormones, particularly testosterone. There is a synergy in doing so.
  • Start with low does and work your way up. This avoids any side effects and allows you to monitor how you feel.
  • Practice good lifestyle habits of diet, exercise and controlling stress.
  • Take 7-keto DHEA or 7-ketoDHEA Lean to counter the effects of cortisol – the nemesis of growth hormone.
  • Take a good multiple vitamin.
  • Drink plenty of water everyday!

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