Natural Testosterone From Supplements and Exercise

Testosterone is a hormone produced primarily by the testes and the male plays a major role in sexual and reproductive health, hair growth, bone density, for the general male well-being, and not least for building muscle. From an age of about 30 years, testosterone levels begin to decline continuously as part of the natural aging process. In addition, the uptake of environmental pollutants or the use of certain drugs negatively affect the production of testosterone.

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Natural Test Boosting

If you’re overweight, you might get a testosterone level and your metabolism increase simply by losing excess pounds and optimizing your metabolism. Obesity leads to low testosterone levels. Also engage in high intensity training two to three times per week in combination with proper diet to increase muscle mass and help to raise testosterone levels.

High-Intensive Training (HIT) and Fasting

Another method to raise your testosterone levels naturally and improve your metabolism, is a combination of fast and short, intense training periods. For building muscle and your metabolism short but intensive training phases have been shown to have a positive effect and increase your testosterone levels. Also fasting increases your testosterone levels, because in the following food intake your body releases increased saturation hormones, and all stimulate the natural production of testosterone and muscle growth.

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Strength Training to Build Muscle

Strength training is another tool for you to increase your testosterone levels and your metabolism naturally. Strength training helps, provided it is sufficiently intense. In order to stimulate the natural production of testosterone and muscle growth, you should prefer working with heavier weights and for reducing the number of repetitions. Exercise in a way that appeals to all groups of muscles. Especially testosterone are promoting very slow-running exercises because the slow movements lead to the smallest microscopic bridges between the protein fibers of your muscles, building muscle.

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Get Zinc

The mineral zinc is particularly important for the production of testosterone and muscle growth and therefore you should adjust or supplement your diet accordingly. Investigations have shown that in men who consume zinc, a significant increase in testosterone levels and muscle growth was recorded within 6 weeks. Beans and all foods made from raw milk, such as cheese, yogurt or kefir contain zinc.

Optimize Your Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D is a natural test booster that is essential for the healthy development of male sperm, metabolism and muscle building. Vitamin D may help (even in obese men) to increase testosterone levels and metabolism. The exposure to sunlight is the best way to optimize your vitamin D levels and metabolism and raise your testosterone levels in a natural way.

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Reduce Stress

Under stress, your body produces large amounts of the hormone cortisol. This hormone blocks the effects of testosterone.

Stress and low testosterone share many symptoms and may be linked by the stress hormone cortisol. There is some evidence that high levels of cortisol depress testosterone, but not much evidence that taking testosterone will reduce stress or that reducing stress will elevate testosterone.

Reduce Sugar

The consumption of too much sugar can not only lead to diabetes, but it can also lower the level of testosterone in your blood.

The study, published in the journal Clinical Endocrinology, shows that 75g of sugar intake causes a 25 per cent drop in testosterone levels for up to two hours after consumption.

Therefore you should reduce for your metabolism and for muscle building all foods with sugar and fructose and grain products such as bread and pasta.

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Get Healthy Fats

Simple and polyunsaturated fats, such as you find in avocados and nuts, are also essential for the creation of testosterone and a healthy metabolism. A diet that has less than 40 percent of its energy from animal fats can decrease testosterone levels. Examples of foods that contain healthy fats for high testosterone levels: olive, organic milk nuts, avocados and organic meat.

Prefer Foods With Whey Protein and BCAAs

BCAA, Branch Chain Amino Acids are essential in building testosterone levels. The BCAAs are more effective if taken with strength training. Dairy products contain a particularly high concentration of BCAA. Taking it as a supplement is recommended. More helpful advice from

BUT this still doesn’t mean that you would need to supplement with BCAAs if you’re not doing any sort of fasted training. You can simply sip some whey protein powder during the workouts, or eat a bit more chicken – as I said above – protein packed foods are filled with BCAAs already.

The Truth About Testosterone Supplements

A question you may be asking yourself is, if boosting testosterone can be done with natural products and exercise, why would I need a testosterone supplement? There are many of these out on the market, some with higher price tags and you may be wondering what is so magic about them, what ingredients do they contain to make them worth taking?

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There are many natural ingredients that are shown to boost testosterone. Some are more common and easily obtained, such as ginger, vitamin D, DHEA and zinc. Others you may have a little more difficulty finding, such as an herb called Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek, Ashwagandha, Horny Goat Weed or D-Aspartic acid. Companies have put together formulas they believe in and have tested. While you could certainly hunt down all the separate ingredients on your own, it may make sense to use proven formulas put together by testosterone supplement companies.

There’s also the matter of lowering estrogen, the female hormone that can impede a man’s progress by encouraging effeminate features within a man. That’s a whole other subject and something that testosterone supplements account for as well.

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