The Benefits of Tantric Sex Practices

Tantra is not all the same. Convergence of East and West during the last few years in mainstream American culture was caused by anything and everything from yoga and Zen Buddhism. It is only natural, then, that we Westerners have become curious in terms of oriental approach to sex, which has as its hallmark a spiritual standpoint.

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Tantra as a Yoga Practice

Tantra, in particular, which has developed as a form of yoga practice, embodies the Oriental (both Buddhist and Hindu) ideal. The focus of Tantra is to transform sex but to use sexual energy for spiritual development and construction experience. Tantric sex rituals and traditional uses of specific positions to those who practice it helped to achieve mystical union. The followers of Tantra believe in combining relaxation with a heightened state of sexual excitement.

Long Lasting Orgasms

Sexual energy is recirculated over a long period of time. As a result, there are sometimes long-lasting orgasms, whose focus is not the genitals. However, just as is the case with most other things that are imported from distant cultures, some things about Tantra is lost in translation. The result are many misconceptions about Tantra, from the opinion that it is a “yoga without clothes” during which “couples make love” to the belief that this was simply a form of sexual massage.

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Seen as Spiritual Exercise

Tantra is, by nature, seen as a spiritual exercise and the way to enlightenment. Her movements and postures are based on yoga principles of the concurrence of the body and breathing exercises for the purification of body, mind and soul. However, it remains as its overall goal that sex leads to the achievement of higher levels of awareness and connection to the universe, or God. Tantra together with a partner becomes a spiritual exercise in which cling so closely to become one and the closer the essence of life.

Becoming One With Universe

Students fine-tune heard of Tantra to become one with the universe and its partner. The exchange of body fluids between men and women play an important role in this process. A woman produces three different types of sexual secretions or elixirs – from the breast, mouth and ions (vagina). Absorption of the elixir of the man considered the spiritual nourishment and compensation for the loss of seeds, which he gives his wife. In Tantric practice, man becomes Shiva (Divine Will), which manifests itself in the creative merger with Shakti (which is pure energy).

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Women become Shakti personifies the fundamental forces that control the secrets of the universe. Orgasm is generally understood only in a physical sense, as a very pleasant experience and explosive muscle contractions followed by the pelvis, which often results in stimulation of the genitals. As I pointed out in previous chapters, the orgasm is not necessary to genital stimulation. And just as the genitals should not limit the source of your orgasm, no body should not restrict it.

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Exchanging Sexual Energy

The main prerequisite for joining the domain of the spiritual is to forget the prejudices and be ready to abandon all those perspectives that you might. Believe me, it’s much easier than it first seems. When adjectives sex as a spiritual activity, orgasm is viewed as the energy exchange between two lovers. This exchange creates a new form of energy that can transform you and your experience, so that you and your lover feel like one.

At the physical level, most of these claims to practice, if a man ejaculation controls, will be able to extend and increase the pleasure for your partner and yourself. Marilyn Fitian sexologists William Hartman and award of the rapid intercourse, as couples often practice “does not give enough time to get into the bloodstream release natural chemicals that accompany touch and sexual excitement, which is why the short circuit occurs in that general feeling of well-being that usually follows the conduct of love (quoted by Cia).

Extending Sexual Excitement

When sex is “a quickie”, men and women are unable to exchange sexual energy and to harmonize, and may even happen that extract heat from each other. Meditation and breathing techniques are used to control and extend the period of sexual excitement, so that a functional penis remains almost an hour. Do not you think that it’s not bad to learn something? Based on this general premise, a couple has a lot of positions by which regulates the flow of energy, with which we will address later.

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