The Reason People Age – Oxidative Stress

Second only to declining hormones, oxidative stress is the leading cause of aging in men. It is caused by our everyday lifestyle. Our bodies are designed for simple foods, active lifestyle and moderate stress – the hunter-gatherer. However, in modern times we feed our bodies complex foods and subject ourselves to inactivity and high stress. The result is excess free radical production (oxidative stress).

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Free Radicals Cellular Damage

Free radicals attack cells. The result is cellular destruction which cuts years off each cell’s life and consequently, our life.

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For example, you have heard of studies that show low calorie intake dramatically slows the aging process. It is a simple fact that calories cause excess free radicals. Hence, if there are fewer calories, there are fewer free radicals.

Atoms Missing Electrons

For those who like the technical facts: As the body burns calories it produces atoms missing one electron — oxidation.

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Those atoms speed around trying to replace that electron. In doing so they bombard cells causing cell damage and turnover. The DNA in cells will only permit cells to replicate themselves a certain number of times before they die.


That is why you hear and see so many adds for “Antioxidants”. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals. The question is, what works?. We have found a product we like. It is only sold through doctor’s offices. See Recancostat

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It has been scientifically determined that the body is capable of living a healthy life of 120 years. To give you a mental picture of how that might be possible imagine the lifestyle of a hunter-gatherer coupled with the miracles of modern medicine.

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To the degree our lifestyle differs from the hunter-gatherer is directly proportional to the damage being done to our body by free radicals, pollution, etc., and is reflected in life out of our years and years out of our lives.

Diet, Exercise and Stress

We look to aiding you in your total health efforts to fight the aging process. As we have shared with you, you can significantly increase the effect of your hormone replacement program by giving attention to three lifestyle issues: consuming a healthy diet, maintaining a moderate exercise program and controlling stress.

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Dr. Knott: “Replacing hormones without regard to the lifestyle issues of diet, exercise and control of stress is like air conditioning your house without regard to whether the doors and windows are open or closed.”

Hunter Gatherer Diet

Our bodies are designed for a simple diet, active lifestyle and moderate stress (the hunter-gatherer). What modern society has is processed foods, inactive lives and multiple sources of daily stress. It is generally accepted that we have the ability to live healthy lives to more than 120 years.

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If we can give you a mental picture of how that might be, picture yourself as a hunter-gatherer with the medical miracles of today.

  1. Basic Foods Diet

    Basic foods dieting is a challenge because our bodies are designed for simple basic foods. With processed and bio-engineered food, leached soils etc., our diets are anything but simple. Following are more guidelines that can aid in your efforts.

  2. Balanced Diet

    Maintain a balanced diet – approximately 33% Protein; 33% Carbohydrate; 33% Fat. It is important to minimize refined carbohydrates and limit the amount of saturated fat.
    Don’t try to make a major change all at once. Know where you are going and do it in small steps.

  3. Vitamins

    Take a sensible regimen of vitamins – This is the best chance of leveling out and balancing the body’s needs as it gets older. We often know what is bad for the body; we seldom know what the body is missing. With a multiple vitamin the idea is, like a cafeteria, we give the body a variety of things we believe it might need. Like a cafeteria, it will then take what it needs and eliminate what it doesn’t need in body waste. There are many multiple vitamins on the market. We have found it impossible to provide for all needs in a single tablet. We have found a product we like called Nutri-pac for men. It comes with daily packets of vitamins designed to meet a wide variety of needs.

Proper Exercise

Exercise should be done with consistency and moderation. Like diet, determine where you are and where you want to go. If you are a “couch potato”, find ways to put activity back in your day – take the stairs, park in the space farthest from the store or go for a walk with your spouse or dog just as examples. Work up to a level of at least 30 minutes 4 to 5 times per week. Remember there was a time when a machine did not wash clothes, open the garage door or change channels on the TV.

Stress Management

Stress is sometimes called a “killer”. It has an element of real truth. Stress causes the body to produce a hormone called Cortisol. “Killer Cortisol”, as it is sometimes called, is very catabolic; it destroys body tissues. It is destructive to the entire body but principally to the brain.

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See Brain Fried in Cortisol. Cortisol is also the nemesis of growth hormone. Reducing or eliminating the sources of stress can help control Cortisol in the body. Learning basic relaxing techniques such as simple breathing can minimize the effects of stress. Most importantly, take 7-keto DHEA. DHEA is the most plentiful hormone in the human body. Like other hormones, it declines with age. One of its principle functions is as a counter balance to Cortisol. 7- Keto DHEA is much safe than regular DHEA.

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