Tips for Men to Last Longer in Bed

Ever wonder about how to last longer in bed? You’re not alone, many men suffer from premature ejaculation and think that finding a solution involves unpleasant and difficult practices. Luckily dealing with this is often simple and doesn’t require that you hold back on pleasure. Here are some sex tips to help you last longer in bed.

Hold back and switch to foreplay

If you feel the urge to come, stop and pleasure her other ways. This is an easy way to keep building up her orgasm while slowing down yours. You can stimulate her clit, kiss all around her body, massage her, whatever you and your partner enjoy the most. Because they are being sexually stimulated, women consider all this foreplay as sex. For her, foreplay can lead to an orgasm so she won’t be complaining. A good rule of thumb is to take a 2 minute break to focus on her as you feel yourself getting too close to coming. The hardest thing about this technique is learning when to stop and disciplining yourself enough that you won’t push yourself over the brink.

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Wear a thicker condom

This reduces some of the sensation in your penis and will stop you from reaching a climax too quickly. Another means of doing this is to wear a cock ring as some men find condoms quite unpleasant.

Try exercising your PC muscles

These are the muscles you use to stop peeing. By tensing and relaxing them, you build them up just like any other muscles. The strange thing is that these muscles also play a role in controlling your ejaculation and with strong PC muscles you can postpone your orgasm for quite some time. The stronger your PC muscles get, the longer you will be lasting.

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By trying out these sex tips, you will experience how to last longer in bed so that she is moaning with pleasure. Wouldn’t it be nice to give her those multiple orgasms she’s secretly craving?

Concentrate on Giving Her Pleasurable Sex

What a lot of people don’t realize is that how long it takes for you to orgasm can also be what gives her great pleasure and enjoyable sex. Here are some of the best sexual positions to last longer in bed that will help you last longer.

The first position is a variation of the missionary style. Instead of just going inside her, put her legs on your shoulders and then move on top of her. You want to push a little forward so that you are moving up and down on her and your hips are aligned. This does a couple of things to help you last longer in bed.

To begin with it makes her vagina smaller, which means that you need to penetrate less. More importantly, it gives you a range of ways that you can enter her that will allow you to work more easily. You can bounce up and down to increase intensity. You can do it in a normal pace and still show dominance because of the position.

Most importantly, if you get tired, you can simply let your dick rest inside her. Those micro movements feel amazing to her and let you last longer. Another variation that you may want to consider is doing this position with only one leg. This allows for both variety and flexibility since not all women can stretch to the same extent.

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This also gives you relaxed pleasure since you can do all the same type of movements in the last mentioned move. This is a great position for controlling ejaculation since you can pleasure her with very little exertion. Try these sexual positions to last longer and you will find enjoyable sex much more pleasurable.

How to Last Longer in Bed

Most men ejaculate too early during sex! Many men are afflicted with premature ejaculation (PE) when they should be Adonis’ in the bedroom. The biggest complaint that women have about their partners is that they don’t last long enough to keep her fulfilled. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you never have to worry about your special woman being unsatisfied with you as a lover? You can have that, curing PE isn’t only possible, it’s not all that hard. Once you last longer in the bedroom, you’ll find that your self esteem has boosted and you’ll be in much better shape from having longer and more sex. Your woman won’t be able to keep her hands off of you.

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Here are three ways to cure Premature Ejaculation

Kegel Exercises

Do kegel exercises. Yep, these work for men two. They strengthen the pelvic muscles and give you greater control over when you orgasm. By tensing or relaxing the pelvic muscles during sex, you can speed up or slow down the time it takes for you to reach orgasm.

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Satisfy Her First

Make it your aim to satisfy her. When you focus on being a great lover to her instead of your own pleasure, you’ll find that the change in focus will let her have an orgasm faster and allow you to delay yours as long as necessary to make her moan with pleasure.

Improve Your Diet

Improve your diet. When you eat healthier, your body releases more endorphins which reduce stress. Stress is a major contributor to premature ejaculation. Reduce your stress and prolong your love making sessions for minutes to hours.

There’s no reason to not start working on improving your sex life immediately. Do you really want to be just another average, or even good lover, when you could be the man she’ll be fantasizing about and telling all her girlfriends about the great sex you’ve been giving her? As men we are naturally driven to be the best at anything we do, so why not start putting that energy and effort where it really counts, in increasing both her and your pleasure. When you start spending hours at a time having sex, you’ll feel like a whole new man.

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