Tips to Make Your Woman Climax

Do you want to learn how to give your girl a hard climax?

A lot of men make the same mistakes when they don’t take charge or communicate during sex. Instead men become takers where they either get off with a jackhammer motion or they force the woman to do all the work during foreplay and intercourse.

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Become a Giver

If you want to give your girl a hard climax tonight, then you want to become more of a giver. And by a giver I do not mean that you just make your intercourse rougher or harder. I mean that you take charge and make it last in the way that she wants to make it last.

Here are some tips to improving your sex life.

Add Sensuality

To begin with, you want to add an element of sensuality to sex. Many men treat sex as a series of angles that they insert their dick into her holes. Instead think of her body as a landscape that you want to explore.

I recommend adding elements of foreplay to your intercourse such as kissing or putting your hands all over her body. This adds layers to her experience. I especially recommend doing this during sex so that you can offer her variety.

Dirty Talk

Another layer is to do this affectionate type of touching while also doing dirty talk. It has an oddly enticing effect on many women because it builds anticipation in her mind of you taking charge.

Take Charge

Secondly, take charge instead of asking for permission. Women will generally indicate if they are uncomfortable with something. So make a move and ask only if she indicates resistance. This show confidence and dominance that turns many women on.

Be Vocal About Your Needs

While communication is very important, you want to be vocal about what you want. Many men are often surprise to see that women often have way fewer issues about sex than they do. As the expression goes, its better to ask forgiveness than permission.

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If you go for what you want, you will find that you will get it more. That said, be comfortable being vocal during sex. Many men are afraid not just of trying different moves, but of making any noise.

Women do not want to have intercourse with a ninja. Let them know you appreciate it.

Follow these tips and you will find your woman will have a hard climax more often.

Tips on Nipple / Breast Fondling

Are you looking to improve your foreplay? Often men aim to pleasure a woman’s erogenous zones without a good understanding about how to do it. Female stimulation is more than fondling or aggressively entering the same spot like a jackhammer. There are a lot of possibilities that most men do not consider until their relationships or marriage run longer and they find themselves looking for new ways to pleasure her. The key of course is to realize that there are more options than you might consider. Here are a couple of quick tips to consider.

To begin with, you want to realize that some of the strongest erogenous zones (i.e. a woman’s breast or her clitoris) have points are extremely sensitive. Because of this, attacking the nerve endings in order to have her hit a climax or orgasm will usually backfire. Instead, you want to take the attitude of making her wait to feel the full effect of her erogenous zones. So don’t just grab and squeeze. Make her wait a little. For example, before you fondle breasts, you can tease her by kissing around them. Instead of nibbling or sucking on her nipples, try and breath hot air onto them or kiss around them. This type of stimulation will give her an experience of sexuality that will have her on the throes of passion. In addition, you can vary the type of sensations you give to the same points. For example you can give her nipple wet licks, gentle nibbles, light sucking, Similarly you can lick, suck or give butterfly kisses to her clitoris to vary your intensity.

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You also want to realize that women have a lot more erogenous zones than simply her breasts or nipples. For example consider giving her neck a kiss or light nibble. Also most pressure points provide a point of pleasure. Don’t neglect places such as your ear lobe or the middle fold of the arm (opposite the elbow). Giving these place a light bit can be very erotic as pleasuring the spots are are super sensitive.

Follow these tips to add more sexuality into your relationships and marriages as you enjoy foreplay.

How to Make a Woman Squirt As She Climaxes

Do you want to learn how to make your lover squirt when she climaxes? For many men, making a woman squirt seems to be the bedroom parlor trick that shows them to be a fascinating lover.

While it sound like it would be hard to make her squirt, every woman is capable of doing it. So if you want to give her a satisfying orgasm, here are some secrets to get her to secrete more juices and have orgasmic spasms that she’s never experienced before.

Follow these tips to make her squirt.

Best Erogenous Zones

The first step in bringing a woman to her maximum pleasure is to become familiar with her strongest erogenous zones that usually lead her to orgasm.

More specifically, you want to find out where the g-spot, cervix, and clitoris are located on a woman’s genitalia?

G Spot

The g-spot can usually be found by putting your fingers in her vagina and making a “come hither” motion with your fingers. The cervix is usually found if you push deep into her with your penis. The clitoris is located higher up on the vagina.

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You can find it by opening her outer lips with your fingers. Usually this becomes more visible as she becomes more turned on with pleasure. Once you have located these spots, you have hit the first step in making her squirt and giving her a satisfying orgasm.

How to Squirt

The key to make her squirt is that you want to actually hit these three pleasure points at the same time. Just one of them can be enough to give her orgasmic spasms, so when you combine then, as you thrust in and out, her juices will flow.

I recommend looking for positions that allow you to thrust deeply and to hit upward toward the g spot. For example some variations of doggy style are great for hitting the g-spot. While simply pushing your dick in deeply will often allow you to make contact with the cervix.

Increase Penis Size

These are always easier if you have a bigger penis, so consider trying exercises that will increase the size of your penis. At the same time, if you have figured out what positions you want, you then want to try rubbing her clitoris while you are doing them. Be sure to wet your finger since the clitoris is especially sensitive.

As you pleasure these key focal points of a woman’s genitalia, you’ll find that you will be able to make her squirt and bring a woman to a satisfying orgasm that she may never before have experienced.

I’m a sex enthusiast, published fantasy writer and the editing director of Brewin’ After Dark. I write about topics surrounding sexual health. Thanks for reading and add me on Twitter!

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