When Too Much Sex Is A Bad Thing

Many people know a guy who complains how their woman craves too much sex. If you are not in this kind of relationship, then at first glance you might not realize there’s even a problem. In cases like this, the guy often dreams about their woman giving a “no” for an answer. Perhaps you can’t imagine that a woman continually wanting sex would annoy you. If you think that your ideal woman is someone who always wants to have sex, you might change your mind after reading this story.

There’s this boy who met a girl at one of the parks in their city. The guy was playing with a couple of friends with Frisbee when the girl suddenly approached him and asked if she could also play the game with them. Of course, there’s no need to say no for that.

After playing for a couple of times, the guy just sat down while the girl still played. He sat down and drank beer just to have a good look of the girl’s breasts jiggling up and down as she ran and play Frisbee. Eventually, the girl also got tired and came to the guy, asking if she too could have a beer as well. That’s when they started talking and let loose.

When all of the guy’s friends already went home, the two still stayed at the park and have a few more beers. They had a great time and a great conversation even though the 24 cans of beers already made them feel tipsy.

Since the guy’s pad is just 10 minutes away from the park, he asked the girl if she could come with him so they would continue their drinking session. To his surprise, the girl grabbed the invitation and they headed back home together.

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Another drinking session started. And the girl pulled out a joint of marijuana from her pocket. Although the guy does not smoke pot, he just took the invitation and had some as well. After all, it’s been a long time since he had this. He thought that since the girl has been drinking his beer the whole day, it would not be nice if he would reject the pot that she’s offering.

Pot and beers are great combination. As a result, both of them (especially the guy) started to think that everything went fast. The girl was all over him and before he knew it the girl was already sucking his hard penis. So fast that even the guy did not even noticed that he already had a hard on.

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It did not take long before the two started to move in together. Things were pretty much great at first. They would go back to the park and have sex on the odd places there. The guy first thought that the girl was one of the best things that ever happened to him. Sex was awesome and they were doing it no less than 5 times every day. They would have sex as soon as they wake up, after eating meals, a before going to bed. They even sometimes have sex while watching TV or have a quickie while the guy is on his lunch break.

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Because the guy hadn’t had sex for a couple of months before he met the girl, it was like a big release for him. Unfortunately, he started to feel that he wanted a much normal life – a life where he could eat a decent meal during lunch break. But the girl is still pushing him to take care of her sexual needs.

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He also realized that he can no longer sleep the way he used to during the weekends. After a tiring week at work, the guy can no longer catch up on some sleep that he missed. Unfortunately, the girl would just wake him up just to have sex with him.

The bottom line of the story is that a girl like that can end up being your biggest mistake or your worst nightmare. In the first few weeks, you might think that it is fun to experience this type but it is definitely not worth it in the long run.

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If you want to understand why this kind of girl exists, here are some of the probable reasons.

  1. Sex for her is love. It is not just men who think of this ideal but some women as well. They consider constant banging as a sign of your love for them or a way for you to adore them.
  2. There is something in her past that she does not want you to talk about. Women usually use sex as their way of forgetting the bad things that happened years ago. This is also their way to cover it up so that you would not have to discuss it again. In short, when their minds were messed up, they use sex as their escape goat.
  3. She thinks that she lacks a character or ability. So she is using sex to make up for her inadequacy.
  4. She is addicted to sex and making love is their way of relieving stress.
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But as long as this would not be a pain in your ass, this is something that you should not be worried about. If you are still new in a relationship then it is just normal that you have sex from time to time. However, if it is still the same for the next few months or even years, then it is the time to discuss about this. There might be bigger problems rather than just being addicted to sex.

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