Where is the Clitoris?

Have you ever wondered about how to find the g-spot? If you want give girls satisfying orgasms, then you need to master how to find the g-spot. In this article, you will learn how to find the g-spot and the most effective technique to please your partner. Follow these g-spot techniques to give her a mind blowing climax.

Simply speaking, the clitoris is a female sex organ that becomes more visible when the female is aroused it’s located under a small hood of skin near the labia minora just above the opening of the vagina.

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Location of the G Spot

One thing to keep in mind is that the precise g-spot location will be slightly different for every woman. If you want to find her g-spot, then you want to first slide your fingers into her vagina and make a “come hither” motion. You’ll notice that, at some point, it will go from a harder curve to a softer area. The G-spot is in the latter part of her vagina. The g-spot becomes more apparent as she becomes aroused. You may have to explore a few angles in order to find the point where she feels the strongest sensation. For example, her g-spot may be more to one side than with another woman. For most women, the g-spot should be fairly simple to find. Either way, after you discover where her g-spot is located, you are one step closer to giving her a mind-blowing climax. This means that she has every motivation to help you find it. Any woman would want you to give her immense pleasure. So try this g-spot technique to get a sense of where to focus your energy.

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Come Hither

Hitting the g-spot with the come hither motion is good for letting you know how to give her a mind blowing climax. Be sure to rub it and tap it to get a good sense of its location. Be sure to get her feedback about the speed at which you do each. Some women prefer that you slide your fingers in slowly; other women may want you stimulating the g-spot fairly quickly. Either way, let her pleasure guide your pace. After all, if she experiences a satisfying orgasm, then you are probably doing something right.

When it comes to sex, knowing her g-spot adds another element. Depending on where her g-spot is most concentrated, certain positions will work better than other positions. Keep in mind that the curve of your penis also affects the position that you might use in order to stimulate her g-spot. It affects the angle that you want to use for penis stimulation. Generally speaking, you want to gravitate towards sexual positions that allow your penis to hit her upper area from an angle.

One example of a position you can use to give your partner immense pleasure by hitting the g-spot is the well-known doggie style position. By coming from the back end, you will often hit that area more directly. Depending on the curve of your penis, you can also adjust it accordingly. For example, you can have her move her butt lower or you can sit up higher if you want to hit a different angle.

Doggy Style to Find G-Spot

Another position that you may want to consider is the backwards cowgirl position. In this pose, she is sitting on top of you and riding you facing the opposite directions. While you are lying down, you should see her back. This position helps you give her a mind blowing climax because it also hits the general g-spot area. If you need more of an angle to hit it, you can vary this by slightly elevating your upper body with your elbows. Either way, this position will help you add penis stimulation to her g-spot and have her moaning with pleasure.

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Experiment with these sexual positions in order to hit her g-spot and provide her with the mind blowing sex that she craves. After all, what woman would not want a satisfying orgasm to brighten her day?

Most Sensitive Erogenous Zone

For females, the clitoris is considered the most sensitive erogenous zone on their body and is it any wonder when it is said that this tiny pea shaped organ packs as many nerve endings as the entire male penis does!

How to find the Clitoris?

Finding the clitoris is not a very complicated task, but with that said it’s definable not one that should be overlooked. The reason for this is there are an extremely large percentage of women who use clitoral stimulation alone to masturbate and most find it there preferred method of self stimulation. So without question gentleman finding this hot spot and being able to stimulate it correctly will surely increase the chances of you bringing your partner to orgasm.

So the first thing you must do before trying to find your partners clitoris is make sure she is aroused this is due to the clitoris being made up of erectile tissue that swells and becomes engorged once she becomes more aroused. This will make the whole process much easier.

I’d also recommend you do this with the light on or in a lit up environment, if your partner is not comfortable with this and is somewhat shy your task will take a little more concentration on your part.

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Also remember any exploration you do on your partner you must use a well manicured hand so no long nails and dry skin as this can cause your partner discomfort and you could also hurt her, you also need to make sure your hand is well lubricated before you start..

Now to the fun part guys!! Once you’ve followed the steps above your ready to start.

where is the clitoris

Finding the Clitoris

Begin by slowing massaging your partners entire vaginal region, once you feel she is getting wetter and more aroused begin by putting your finger gentle inside her pussy, now from there slowly bring your finger up past her urethral opening to where her Inner Labia meet at the top of the vagina, you should feel a slight bump almost like a small pea, for some women this will be more pronounced and for others it will be much harder to find.

That’s pretty much it guys see the diagram below if you find yourself getting stuck, also check out the section below the diagram where I talk about some great methods of How to Stimulate the Clitoris and get your partner having explosive orgasms.

No doubt this guide helped you guys finally know “where is the clitoris?” Now you know how to find it! Click the link below to find out how to stimulate it.

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